V1 N°97 La Loge Est

Einsatz Stellung/EiS

All pictures ©2017 Buran

Location: La Loge South of the village 'La Loge' but East in the forest d'Hesdin.
Not to be confused with the other V1 site 643 La Loge Ouest which is a few hundred meters West into the forest.
Coming from the community of La Loge, a small road leads into the forest.
Instead of going straight ahead, choose to go to the left hand side.
Again at the left hand side, a few 100m further you will find the location which is rather difficult to find in summertime.


(IGN and Google Earth map location)

Date: WW2.

Crossbow: -

Description: Simplified(Einsatz Stellung) V1 launch site.  Some sources say that this is the first one to fire against London in the night of June 12/13 2017,
but there is no prove of that.Only concrete roads and launch platform with supporting blocks were found.
There was no fire control bunker to be found but there probably never was.(instead a large depression into the soil indicates that an adaptation of the fire control position was probably installed)  Some other artifacts were not found and should be searched for in wintertime: A-Magnetic platform, Place for 'Dampferzeuger', Storage for T-Stoff and Z-Stoff, water reserve.  A rare 'Bumskof ' is located nearby but couldn't be found either.  Although no records were found of intense bombing, at the end the V1 launch campaign in France, everything was destroyed.
There are some pictures of the launch ramp at the end of 1944.

Sources: Les sites V1 en Picardie, Laurent Bailleul, p55, p162, ; V1 Arme du désespoir Yannick Delfosse.

Research: Tristan Cools


001: Umsetzanlage.  In the forest, some craters are visible.

002: Concrete road.


003: Abschussrampe or launch platform with supporting blocks, almost invisible but intact.

Untill recent a 'Bumskof' was present here but I couldn't find it.


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