Aalter Dummy Airfield

Updated July 20 2009, September 19 2009

Today, nothing is left from the Aalter Airfield number 26.  All has been demolished for Industrial Purposes.

However, some 11 km away from Aalter there's a dummy airfield with a bunker still in place.
The Vf bunker which still exist today served as a beacon to distract enemy bombers from the real Airfield at Aalter.

It is 4m56 on 4m50 and has one entrance protected by a brick wall.
Inside there are some nice fresco's but they are very fragile due to water and humidity in the bunker.

NGI chart with location of the bunker.

Behind the tree at the right hand side you can find the bunker.


The bunker measures about 4.55m X 4.50m.


Left: some sort of ventillation shaft.  Right Part of the brick protection wall to the entrance.


 The bunker is full of water.

'Uns bricht keine macht der Welt'


Left: It seems like a closed entrance.  Right: Light bulb fitting still in place.

September 19, 2009, I re-visited the bunker after beeing informed by a local farmer that the bunker has been cleared of water.
Some nice details came into view.

Left the enrance, at the right hand side from the entrance there's some sort of a false window, and on the other wall the German slogan.

The other wall shows some airplanes bombing the country side.  More below there must have been  painted landscape but water has destroyed most of it.



Painting of airplanes dropping their bombs.

Some details more below but I have to find out what it is.


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