From The Belgian Coast to Boulogne

and V1 flying bomb and V2 rocket sites in France and Belgium

Above: Two R611 bunkers from Stp Leffinge also called Stp Hannover.
These bunkers are close to the International Airport of Ostend-Bruges, Belgium.
Here's more about this place: Leffinge: Stp Hannover

Here below you will find links to places I have visited during the past years.
From time to time this page will grow with more interesting 'Atlantic Wall' links
and WWI artifacts.

Something about the A.W.B.
The A.W.B. or Atlantikwall Belgium is a group of people who are studying the remains of the German defence line build at the Belgian Coast
and France(to Boulogne) during World War II.We are a non profit organisation and non-professionals and our goal is to reconstruct the remains
of this defense line for historic purposes.  We do not have any political or ideological motives, this is just our hobby and passion.
Don't forget that WW1 and WW2 was a horrible period.

The website is of a very simple design and I do not intend to use a more 'flashy' lay out.
I would call it a 'what you see is what you get' website.

Additionaly you will find some WWI and V-weapons locations as well.

Anyone who wants to give us some ideas, pictures or information about this subject is welcome to send us a mail at:

Appeal to everyone: I am looking for old post war pictures, preferably from 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's of bunkers on the Belgian Coast,
If anyone can provide me with these, please try to give some information about them(location, date etc).
Please inform me if there's a copyright on it.
Write something in our Guest Book !

Everyone interested in the Atlantikwall in general and more specified, the
Atlantikwall in Belgium and Northern France can write something in it.  Please, keep it clean and be polite.

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June 6 2019


Again, a European bunkerday is beeing organised.

The A.W.A.(Atlantikwall Belgium) will be present at the 'Halve Maan' location at the harbour of Ostend Belgium.
More info here:
It is recommended to reserve your visit at the link above.  Proper clothing and shoes are recommended.  It is a guided tour.

More info ?


or here:


See you there !

February 14 2019
V1-110 Bamières(France)

A while ago, I visited this V1 Ersatz Stellung or reserve site at Bamières, France.
As this is a very simplified site not much is left over to see but keeping that in mind it is maybe the most interesting site of them all !
As I found out, this site could be a very good candidate for launching one of the first V1 against England
in the night of June 12/13 1944 !

Be polite if you visit the site and ask permission at the nearby farm.
Clicking the picture will lead you to the subject page.

V1-97 La Loge Est(France)

Also an update about this site.
Clicking the picture will lead you to the subject page.

November 5 2018

Large update of the WW1 battery 'Antwerpen' along the Belgian Coast.
The bunker doesn't seem to be in danger anymore but maybe it will be covered in dune sand.
We also discovered one emplacement and one small (guard ?) bunker and maybe another 'wellblech'.
Click on picture to go to the specific web page.

June 5 2018

In Dutch: Bunkerdag 10 juni 2018 o.a. in Oostende MKB Hundius !  Nabij Fort Napoleon aan de Marinekadetten.
Inschrijven op 059 702285 of via
Ook hier:

Rondleidingen om 10.30, 13.30, 16h.

Foreigners info: for the second time bunkerday at the MKB Hundius battery at Ostende.
More info on the website above or +3259702285

April 28 2018

I added a link to the Stp Mücheberg Flak position at Nieuwpoort, Belgium.
Also some re-enactment pictures are added.  Clicking the picture will lead you to the subject page.

April 4 2018

Update about the KSS page, here a new addition of Stp Tirpitz, Raversijde.
Clicking on the picture will lead you to the KSS/KB page.

April 2 2018

An update: The last time we visited this battery was on January 21 2011.
The A.W.B. revealed the R611 bunker numbers of this field battery.

December 5 2017

I started a new page reagarding the WW1 Flakgruppe Brügge.
Clicking on the picture will lead you to the subject page.

October 23 2017

WW1 bunker from battery Antwerpen in danger ?

I found out that de former camping 'Petit Bruxelles' will be demolished.  It was unclear if the WW1 bunker
from the Battery Antwerpen would be demolished too.  Further communications lead to a Dune renovation project which probably
will save the bunker.

More info ?  Just double click on the picture below to acces the page.

or click this link: wo1-batt-antwerpen/wo1battantwerpen.htm

June 2 2017

Bunker Day on June 11 2017 !

Several locations can be visited.
The A.W.B. will be present at the Hundius Battery at Ostend.
You have to subscribe to visit this site.(see picture)

For more info about the Hundius Battery look here:

 Stp Hundius

May 26 2017

WW1 Boezinge Essex Farm dressing station has been updated.
Clicking the picture will lead you to the subject page.

February 23 2017

New V1 site added.

V1-643 La Loge Ouest Stellung Alter Bauart

Clicking the picture will lead you to the subject-page.

January 31 2017

The beginning of a new Section 'Abschnitt Antwerpen'
Click picture to see more of this R608 and other pictures.

 For old messages click here

Picture © 2012 Buran

World War I Bunkers and interesting places

-Boezinge: WWI-Essex Farm Cemetery and Dressing Station Update May 26 2017
 -Brugge(Bruges): Flakgruppe Brügge  NewDecember 5 2017
 -Geluveld: Cryer Farm
-Fromelles: Hitler's WWI bunker
  -Gontrode: Luftschiffhaven L37
 -The Holland Stellung: bunkers and other artifacts
-Langemark Cemetary and Hitler's 1940 WWI visit
 -Oudekerke: Groigne bunker with Arabic text
-Plugstreet Wood and Irish Memorial Mesen
 -Raversijde: Battery Antwerpen Update November 5 2018
-Uitkerke-Blankenberge: Marinekorps Flandern WW1 railroad battery 'Hessen'.
 -Uitkerke: Battery Sachsen
 -Koksijde: Villa La Vigie(during WWII=Wn Geier)
 -Veurne: Threatened Belgian WWI bunkers
-Ypres:Cake Trench/Helme Trench-No Mans Cot Cemetery

World War II: Atlantic Wall and other Bunkers


 -Aalter Dummy Airfield
-Adinkerke: Stp Schlieffen(Stp Bochum)
  -Antwerpen: 'Abschnitt Antwerpen'
-Bredene: Pz. Stp. Blaue Schleuse
-Bredene:E690-Stp. Bruchmüller
  -Bredene-Spuikom: Stp Richthoven
-Bredene: Stp Prinz Eugen
-Bruges/Brugge: German WWII Bunkers alongside -the Bruges-Gent Canal
 -Bruges: WW2 bunker near port of Ghent
-Brûly-de-Pesche: FHQ Wolfsschlucht
  -De Haan: Stp Blücher
-De Haan: Stp Graf Spee
 -De Panne: Stp Wrangel
-Knokke: Stp Knokke-West: R502 demolishment on Rubensplein
-Knokke: MKB Schelde-Stp Tobruk-Stp Flugplatz
 -Koksijde: Wn Coxyde I - R656 demolishment
 -Koksijde: Stp Panther(not Wn Coxyde II)
-Leffinge: Stp Hannover
-Lissewege: Stp687E - Stp Lissewege
 -Lombardsijde: MKB Ramien-Stp Ramien PART 1
 -Lombardsijde: MKB Ramien-Stp Ramien PART 2
 -Lombardsijde: Stp Von Seeckt
-Maldegem Flugplatz
  -Mariakerke: Stp Boelcke
-Middelkerke Stp Von Leeb
-Middelkerke Stp Puma
 -Nieuwpoort-Stp Mücheberg-Flak position New, added April 28 2018
-Nieuwpoort-Tobruk and Ramskapelle Field Battery
 -Nieuwpoort: W.N. Tilly 2
-Oldenburg battery
 -Oostende: Landfront Oostende
-Oostende: Halve Maan-Pz.Stp Ostende Hafen
-Oostende: MKB Hundius - Stp Hundius Corrections and additions June 2 2017
 -Oostende: Stp Stene
 -Oostduinkerke: W.N. Manteuffel R603
-Oostduinkerke: Wn Marder
 -Oostduinkerke: Wn Waldersee and Wn Karthäuser Düne
 -Oostkerke: Wn Ludendorf
 -Poperinge: Flugplatz Peselhoek
 -Raversijde:MKB Salzwedel Neu/Stp Bensberg/Stp Tirpitz
-Secret Railway(luftshutz) Bunkers
-Sint-Michiels - Brugge: Ter Linden
 -Telephone bunkers - KB and KSS
 -Veurne: Communication bunker
 -Vlamertinge: Flugplatz Vlamertinge-Dikkebus
-Westende: H.KB. Westende Plage-Stp Seydlitz
-Westende HKB 3./826(ex Camping Cosmos)
-Westkapelle: Stp Landhaus Westkapelle
-Wevelgem: Dummy Airfield
-Wortegem: Stp Goldammer radar site
 -Zandvoorde: Luftschutz bunker
-Zeebrugge: Wn Hindenburg - Ex HKB 3./769
 -Zevenkerken: Oberbauleitung der Organisation Todt Belgiën
-Zuienkerke: Wn Schill
 -Zwankendamme, mystery petroleum tanks


Sorry for the lack of links of France at this moment.  As you know, most surviving bunkers from
the Atlantikwall can still be found in France.
During the nineties and later I have visited many places but I
still have to add them to this page.  So be patient this will be done in the near future.

-Audinghen: Stp Saitenspiel, Battery Todt, MKB Todt
-La  Trésorerie: Stp Kornweihe, MKB Friedrich August
-Petite Synthe: 1./252 Flak Batterie
 -Sangatte: MKB Lindeman Batterie Grossdeutschland/Stp Neuss
-Téteghem: Stp Dorade
-Waldam MI battery
-Wissant: Stp 120 Pommern

V1 flying bomb sites in France and Belgium
Vergeltungswaffe 1 (FZG-76) or Fieseler (Fi 103)


 V1 Gits-Belgium
V1 Houthulst-Belgium
 V1 Krombeke-Belgium
V1 Torhout-Belgium


 V1-Lottinghen-Wasserwerk Desvres
V1-Siracourt-Wasserwerk 1 St.-Pol-France
 V1 N°59 Le Nieppe-France
   V1 N°66 Pihem Les Bientques
V1 N°75 Vacquerie-le-Boucq
 V1 N°97 La Loge Est  New February 14 2019
V1 N°103 Fresnoy
 V1 N°110 Bamières New February 13 2019
V1 N°122 Le Groseillier/Lisbourg-France
V1 N°615 Eperleques-France
 V1 N°617 Cocove
V1 N°618 Journy/Neuville-France
 V1 N°620 Zudausques/Noircarme-France
V1 N°623 Bois des Huit Rues Morbecques-France
 V1 N°626 Renty-France
 V1 N°643 La Loge Ouest
V1 N°660 Yvrench-Bois Carré-France

V2 rocket launch sites in France

V2-La Coupole, Wizernes-France

Thumbnail gallery-Atlantic Wall-WWI-V1-V2.
(A bit obsolete but my first page about the Atlantik wall from
the Belgian coast to Boulogne.)

Interesting Links

An extremely good page about the Armeeoberkommando 15.
A correspondent sent me this exellent page with a magnificent virtual(and real !) museum.

Rudi Rolf references
Link with Fortification books from Rudi Rolf. You will find some Atlantic Wall designs on these pages.
All designs are ©Rudi Rolf.

 Les Sites V1 du Nord de la France
Site from Laurent Bailleul, author of the excellent book 'Les Sites V1 en Flandres et en Artoïs'
This is a book which can be used for historic and field research reasons.
Very much recommended for everyone who is interested in the V-weapons !

A new web site has been created.  The link above is still active but has in fact been moved into a new website(2017):

 V1 launch sites in Belgium - West Flanders
Very good site about the V1 sites in West Flanders, Belgium.  The site is very well documented  with many  research articles.

Atlantic Wall site from different places in Europe.  Big source of information and a good users-interface.

The Association for World War Archaeology (A.W.A.).  Proffesional site of proffesional WWI archeologists.
Also Atlantic Wall research.

 Forts & Bunkers Group
link update: october 17 2013
Bunker & Forts Page from Frank Philippart.
Also auther of a very interesting FBG newsletter.
Also author from 'De Atlantikwall aan de Pas de Calais' and 'co-author form the Atlantic Wall Travel guide 'De Atlantik Wall Van Willemstad tot de Somme'.(both Dutch written)

 Werkgroep Moderne Fortificatie
Part of the Simon Stevin Stichting and promotes the study, concervation and restoration of old military fortresses.  Also maintained by Frank Philippart.
Dutch website with Atlantic Wall bunkers from Walcheren.

 Postcards 1 and Postcards 2
WW1 and WW2 postcard-links from Rudy Thijs.  Some of them are realy great.

About German fresco's, text from WWII, the main source available on the web.

V2 impacts in Belgium
A friend made this site about V2 impacts in Belgium.

Links to my other personal websites
(aviation and space travel)

(Some links don't work anymore)

 My visit to Baikonur, Russian rocket Launch Site in Kazakhstan

 Ariane Launch centre and Solar Eclipse French Guiana 2006


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