Boezinge-Essex Farm Cemetery
and Dressing Station

Updated December 18, 2004, July 18 2008, May 17 2017

At Boezinge you can find the Essex Farm Cemetery.  There's a memorial monument near the road of John McCrae who wrote the famous poem 'In Flanders Fields'.
Close by there are some bunker remains of WWI including the Dressing Station.

The John McCrae marker stone.

John McCrae's tomb is situated at the Wimereux Communal Cemetery about 300 m from the Mairie.  Thanks to Robert Dehon for making this correction.
Previously I wrote that he was burried at the 'British Communal Cemetery' 3 km from Wimereux which was an error.


The Dressing Station bunker.(left 2004-right 2017)


A look at the inside.
If you look carefully during a visit, then you can see some original remarks carved in the concrete wall of 1917.


(left 2004-right 2017)


Probably the remains of some storage bunkers.(left 2004-right 2017)

Close by there is one more complete example beëing occupied by civilians after WW1.(due to the lack of of proper home)



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