V1-Heavy Base Yvrench 'Bois Carré'

Situation on August 26  2004.
Preliminary Report-Full report later.

Updated September 5 2004.

This site is very well known because it was the first(of six) 'Heavy V1-Ski-type' launch base which was well documented by the RAF thanks to the smuggling of blueprints by a French resistant agent 'Michel Hollard'

The site today can be visited and the forest is free to enter but almost every surviving building is difficult to make photographs as nature has done its job since the ending of WWII.

Although the site bears the signs of heavy bombing I was surprised that many importing buildings are still there.
Like the Chief Technician's office, the firing cabin, the protective walls, the a-magnetic building, the water reservoir, and one intactly preserved ski building.  The other two are still there but in ruins.

WWII discovery picture with the almost completed launch site of Bois Carré.
During my visit I measured the location of all remaining buildings with my Garmin Etrex Legend GPS.
The accuracy of the measurements is approximately 15m.  Sometimes it was very difficult to get a reliable signal from the Navstar satellites resulting in an accuracy which is not very high.
This is caused by the dense growt of trees and bushes.  For example the location of wpt 002 is, obviously, more in the Northern direction.  wpt 013 is more in the Western direction close to the borderline of the forest.


wpt 002(exact position more to the North): The Chief Technicians building outside and inside view.  This was the place where the V1's were assembled with the exception of the wings.

wpt 003: Compressor building: Place were the Dampferzuger was recycled and prepared for a new V1 Launch.
There are two entrances at the front and in most cases two compressor rooms at the back.  This one however does only have one compressor room.(see below)


Waterpompstation-wpt 004

Inside the waterpompstation.

wpt 005: Probably the ruins of the'Stofflager' as I could only see two rooms.

wpt 006: Remains of the original concrete road.


wpt 007: Richthaus or a-magnetic bulding.



There's a small room with an oven and a cave at the backside of the a-magnetic building.
I don't know for what it was used.


wpt 009: Launch Ramp with protective walls; front and backside.
the front side is probably reduced in size although I am not sure of it.

The end of the launch ramp seems to be very smooth, so I think this was really the end of the launch ramp.


Fire Cabin wpt 008: In and outside.


Left: One of the Ski buildings(wpt 011) and the Launch Ramp(wpt 009).  Right: The same Ski-Building.
This Ski-Building is largely destroyed.
Part of it stands on private property and the cows are playing for guard !  So beware !


Front and sideview of the remains of the same ski building.(wpt 009)



4 pictures of the only intactly preserved ski-building(wpt 012).
Sometimes you can see number 17 on the inside walls. (no picture)

Remains of the third ski-building(wpt 014)  During wartime it wasn't hidden in the forest but now it is just within the new borderline.

This is something unidentified, it looks like the destroyed remains of the first storage building for V1's.(wpt 013).  But looking at the position(more to the right of this waypoint) were this building should have been it seems that it has completely disappeared.  So this building remains unknown and the position of wpt 013 is also wrong.  It is more situated at some 315° to the borderline of the forest.

Not complete yet, pictures are beeing added.


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