Stp Prinz Eugen

Stp Gr. Flakberg
K.V.A. A3

Situation on January 27 2008

Stp Prinz Eugen, also called H.K.B Vosschlag named after the location Vosseslag is situated in the highest dunes of Bredene.
Together with W.N. Derflinger and W.N. Litzmann it formed Stp Gr. Flakberg


Today nothing much is left.  Debris of demolished bunkers can be found everywere, but is everything really gone ?

These bunkers were build:

5 X 127
6 x 134
1 leitstand
4 x Vf7b
4 x 679 were planned

Besides that these guns and searchlights were installed:

6 x 15.5ckm K.418(f)
1 x 3.7cm Flak
2 x 2 cm Flak, 1 x 7.5ckm F.K. 16n.A.
1 x 2cm Kw.K, 6 x M.G.
2 x 5cm le.Gr.W.278(f)
2 m.Fl.W.
1 x 60cm searchlight

(info: Atlantikwall in Zeeland en Vlaanderen by Hans Sakkers and Hans Houterman)

(click on the picture to open in Google Earth)

Part of the Einsatzkarte 171.J.D. showing undoubtly the location of  number

1: Debris whith marking G-13
2: Debris
3: Vf bunker

The other numbers are not related to this strongpoint.


A 19m high dune with some concrete on it.  These are the exploded remains of a Tobruk.(thanks Pierrot)



G-83 is a inventory number from the Belgian Army.

The second highes dune of the Belgian Coast(Hoge Blekker at Koksijde is the highest).  This is the position of Stp Prinz Eugen.


I counted 5 steps 1/2, thus slightly more than five metres wide.  Identified by Pierrot beeing a Vf2a.
Much debris can be found suggesting that this was a strongpoint.
The bunker looks brand new.  It is still black and brickwork is like beeing made yesterday.
More research has to be made but this will be very difficult because of the reservate.  Don't start digging without authorisation !



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