Brugge-Flakgruppe Brügge
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WW1 History

-At the end of October 2014, Flak equipment was installed at Ostend Belgium
-Flakschule at Blankenberge 'Regina' hotel.
-Untill summer 1917 every battery had its own Flak guns, observation posts and search light.
-From summer 1917 this changed into the 'Flak-Regiment Marinekops Flandern divided into

Flakgruppe Brügge

The only information I've got is from 'De Kust Bezet 1914-1918, Alex Deseyne', p 67:

The list is probably far from complete.

According to Sophie De Schaepdrijver(Bolwerk Brugge, p 128), Flak guns were also installed at 'Het Zuidervaartje' which is even not
that far away from the Kreuz batterie at Sint Kruis.   There are still 3 bunkers in place.  However it is not sure if these are the bunkers from
the Flak battery.


-De Kust Bezet 1914-1918, Alex Deseyne
-Bolwerk Brugge, Sophie De Schaepdrijver


Probably a MG bunker(two shooting holes).  In 2016, the bunker has been used by a homeless guy.

Backside destroyed.   Maybe the bunker had more than one room one for the MG gun and one for ammunition.


Left, near the horse riding school there is probably a small bunker.
Right, this bunker is L-shaped(not visible in this picture)  Bunkers are made from building blocks.

This bunker certainly belongs to the air defense line of 'Flakgruppe Brügge'.   This one is located at 'Steenbrugge part of Oostkamp', Belgium.
  The bunker had a searchlight installed on top ofand an electric generator was installed inside.   This is the only one left from 26 isntalled around Bruges.
In 2000 the bunker was in danger of beëing demolished but has been saved by the owner.(big thanks !)


Left: the stairway leading to a single room.  Richt: the iron profiles comming from tram rails.



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