Bruges: WW2 bunker

Updated January 19, 2014

Close to the 'Genpoort' in Bruges, Belgium,  there is a large German bunker of WW2.
Today it is beëing used by a shooting club 'de Derbyschutters'.

I believe the story of the bunker is true because the original steel AW doors are still in place.

Here is an impression but I do not have any more information.  I'm very interested in pictures, and stories about this
remarkable WW2 relic.

So contact me at:

The bunker is located just behind the watertower between the Port of Gent and Kathelijne Port.



One of the entrances shows the original german gastight panzer tür.  I yet have to identify type number.


Ventilation shafts.

Here's a link I found about this bunker and the shooting club:


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