Ypres: Cake and Helme Trench
No Man's Cot Cemetery

Updated November 11, 2005.

Thanks to the invitation from A.W.A I was able to visit some WWI archeological excavations of two trenches which were playing an important role during the Third Battle of Ypres.

During the excavations of the trenches, the remains of several french soldiers were found.

The trench site was visited on November 11, 2005 and was filmed by a Canadian TV crew.
It was also documented by the Belgian Public Broadcasting news channel.
The site will be farmer ground again in a few days time.

The trenches are located near Pilkemroad.
The red lines are just GPS tracks, it doesn't mean anything.

Here is an impression:


The two trenches just some 150m from eacht other.  That's really close !  And a piece of nomans land.
Left: the British Cake Trench and right the German Helme Trench.

The British Cake Trench

The artifacts found in the British trench.  The spade istn't exactly WWI I think...(exept for the rusty one)


Left: A professional AWA geologist explaining what happened here in during WWI.
Right: Students digging in the mud beeing filmed by a Canadian TV crew.



The German Helme Trench


A German helmet from the first WWI years.


These can be found here all the time, don't touch it, don't take it and don't move it !

No Man's Cot Cemetery

A very touching place not far away from the Cake and Helme Trenches.
Look at the grass walkway to the cemetery, just perfect.


You can find a marvelous picture from the same place here:  http://www.wo1.be/diggers/images/zijdelings/nomans1.jpg

This comes from  'The Diggers' home page:http://www.wo1.be/diggers/N/zijdelings/boezingebegraafplaatsen.htm

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