Geluveld: Cryer Farm

Updated September 9 and 10, 2007

This bunker which is on private ground could be visited on Monuments Day September 9 2007. It is a first aid post which was build by the Germans in 1916.  In 1917 the bunker was conquered by Luitenant Cryer of the 7th London Regiment.  Cryer has been missing ever since.
The bunker served as a shelter and dressing station during WWII.  After that it was forgotten.  Franky Bostyn, The Passendaele museum president, was kind enough to guide the visiters into the bunker.  Remember, the bunker is situated on private ground and can only be visited on special occasions.

NGI map with the location of the bunker Cryer Farm.

Google Earth map of the Cryer Farm bunker near location 001 at Geluveld.

A small group of people waiting for Franky Bostyn who is inside with some 25 others.
After my visit many people were waiting to enter the bunker.


The German, underground hospital bunker with 1.5m concrete and soil on top of it.

Franky Bostyn, the well know WWI researcher and Passendale museum Director.


Entrance leading to a central corridor with was in fact a place for 25 wounded soldiers.  In fact the entrances changed many times depending who was in charge of the bunker and occupying this area.(it was always facing away from the front-line)

Remambrance plate for Lieutenant Cryer.

The central corridor with at the end the other two entrances which changed sides depending on who had conquered the bunker...


Left: one of the blocked entrances.  Right: the wooden shutterings are still original and visible.

This is also original, exept for the waterpump...

Looking at the first entrance again, there's a small room.(below)



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