Stp Kornweihe
MKB Friedrich August

Revamped on February 6 2006

The battery Friedrich August can be found near the small town 'La Trèsorerie' North of Boulogne, France.  The battery was declared operational on August 15 1940.  It was under leadership of Kaptain F. Diekmann and existed of more than 400 soldiers.  Three 305mm Krupp/Skoda guns were placed in open air and could fire in a direction of 32 to 51 km depending on the weight of the caliber.  Later on the large guns were placed in bunkers to protect
them against bombing.  The 240th M.A.A. battery consisted also of numerous flak, tobruk and other defence guns. Some bunkers and remains can still be found nearby. The Battery was attacked by the 8th Canadian Infantery Brigade on September 17 1944.  One day later the battery surrendered.

Only one bunker, Turm 2, can be visited.  The front of the bunker, where the gun was placed is completely destroyed but the back can be entered and many rooms on the two levels are still intact.  On the ground floor, many German inscriptions can be found.  Turm 2 completely disappeared and only ruins are left of Turm 1.
The bunker lies on private property and permision has to be asked to the farmer who lives near the remains of Turm 1.  When we visited the bunker complex, a tramp was living in Turm 2.  He didn't do us any harm and even asked for some explanation of the history of this battery.

Frontal view of Turm 2

Top view with sight on Tobruk Turm 2.

Entrance of Tobruk of Turm 2.

Entrance of Turm 2.


Left: Ground floor Turm 2 with entrance and stairs in the background.
Right: Text on one of the chambers of Turm 2, ground floor.

Me on the stairs to the first floor of Turm 2(photo Robert Toussaint).

Passage on the first floor of Turm 2.

Extremely dangerous elevatour shaft on the first floor of Turm 2.  Be carefull !


Left: Me and a friend walking through a bomb crater to test our new boots.(photo Robert Toussaint).
Right: Looking at the remains of Turm 1.


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