Fromelles, France

Situation on  May 8 2005.

  During WWO1 heavy battles have been fought in this region between the German and Canadian Forces.
In 1916 it was here that a certain Adolf Hitler was quartered with the 16th Infantery Regiment.
During the WWII invasion of Belgium and France he left the headquarters of Brûly-de-Pesche on June 26 1940 planning a visit to Flanders and Northern France for a nostalgic WWI trip.
Fromelles was one of the many places he visited.

The pictures below show the group of Hitler near the center of Fromelles.


Left: The same location now as the original picture taken by Hitler's photographer Hoffman.

The 'wrong' bunker...


Above: Often referred to as Hitler's bunker but this is wrong !  Hitler didn't recognize this bunker during his visit.
A few years ago a sign was placed here referring to Hitler's bunker but it is gone or removed by now.
Some other sites say that Hitler has been photographed in front of this bunker.  This is absolutely an error.  The real 'Hitler' bunker is somewhere else(see bottom of this page).


Left: A close to Hitler's bunker another one photographed by Hoffman.  Right: The same location today.  Nothing much has changed but during WWI the bunker got a direct hit damaging the right side of the bunker.

Here are some other pictures of the same bunker:


The real bunker revealed !

Here below: Hitler's real bunker !  During his visit at Fromelles he revisited the bunker were he stayed in during WWI.  It took a long time to find it.  Sorry this time: No information about the exact location...


Above: Hitler inspecting the front of the bunker.


Hitler showing showing his WWI mate Amann a shell hit on the bunker and right the same position.

Better view of the same location.

Here's the direct hit Hitler is referring to.


Left: One of the two identical rooms.  Right: Classic number on a WWI bunker.


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