Gontrode - German WW1 Zeppelin Airfield Bunkers

Updated May 13 2012

Several signs of the former 'Luftschiffhafen Gontrode' are still visible.
Two bunkers(probably built in 1917 after Zeppelins were replaced by heavy Gotha and Staaken IV, V bombers) were used for ammunition storage.

From Google Earth: Part of the airfield is still visible and the contours of the Zeppelin hangar wich was 180m long  x 60 wide  x49m high.

Gontrode was the base of the L37 wich was shot down by RAF pilot-officer Reginald Warneford during a daring attack on June 7 1915.
Reginald Warneford died 10 days later.

Only one crew member of 9 survived the crash.  The L37 crashed at Sint-Amandsberg also killing a convent sister.

You can read the whole story here:  http://www.aviation-history.com/articles/zeppelin.htm

Here are some pictures:

The two ammunition bunkers.


I doubt this is part of the Zeppelin hangar.  Maybe this is one of the attachment concrete for the Zeppelin airship.
The Zeppelin hangar was just behind this piece of concrete debris.


The other ammunition bunker in farm land.


The ammunition bunker along the small road.


The entrance of the bunker.

Inside the bunker, this is a composition picture, the floating iron bar is just a composition artifact.


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