WW1 Groigne bunker
(Updated 2016 April 21)
All pictures ©2016 Tristan Cools

There's a remarkable bunker at Oudekapelle along the 'Grote Beverdijkstraat'.
The Belgian bunker has an Arabic text inside telling 'There is no greater God than Allah.  If you believe in Allah, you will prevail like the victory over Tadmoor and Namar'.

During WW1, Arabic soldiers served in the French army, so it is very likely some of them were located here in this bunker.

Left: The bunker on February 19 2007.
Right: The bunker on April 11 2016.



Close up.


The bunker as it was in 2007.

Bunker in 2016: The bunker is locked for free visit.



Original inscription was: '7/A - 3e Bie Ob - 1918'


Nearby there are at least 4 other bunkers, with one in ruins.(fourth one on private grounds and not visible)


- 'De groote Oorlog in de Westhoek': Toeristische uitgave.
- https://inventaris.onroerenderfgoed.be/woi/relict/94259

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