Holland Stellung

Updated May 23,24, June 8 2014

In brief: The Holland Stellung was a 'Barbed Wire' frontier near the Dutch border in Belgium during the period 1916-1918.

411 bunkers were build as a defence line against an alied invasion from Holland between Knokke('t Zwin) and Vrasene.
This was called the 'Holland Stellung'.  Other defence lines were 'Stellung Antwerpen' with bunkers from the Brialmont fortresses and 'Stellung Kanal Turnhout'
with bunkers along the canal from Schoten to Turnhout.

This page will only handle the 'Holland Stellung'

This page is far from complete and will gradualy grow with 'Holland Stellung' artifacts and curiousities.

From the Marinekorps Flandern: Eight strongpoints(Stützpunkt) were build besides the coastal defence:

My main sources(exept from the pictures I took) are 'De Holland Stellung' from Hans Sakkers, Johan den Hollander en Ruud Murk.
Knack Magazine: WW1 in Knokke Heist by Eddy Lambrecht. Knokke&Westkapelle in de Grote Oorlog by Eddy Lambrecht,
and some internet sources.

Bunker 001

NGI map with location of bunkers 001 and 002.

Along the Leopold canal you can find this bunker.
It probably served as a gun casemat.

One of the two entrances.


Inside the bunker there's a corridor with five rooms.

Some drawings are visible inside, not sure from which period.  Could be WW2, some of these bunkers have been used as an air shelter during WW2.

One of two scharte's, probably for a 7.5cm Belgian gun.

Bunker 002

Marine bunker type MA3.  Two entrances, one room.
This one is not accessible and is close to bunker 001.


Bunker 003

Marine bunker type MA3.  Two entrances, one room.
This bunker is also not accessible.


Behind this bunker there is, what I believe, some kind of marker stone.

Bunker 004

Position of MG bunker from Stützpunkt Dora.


Bunker 005

Close to the 'Blauwe Sluis' there's a MG bunker.

Bunker 006 + Bunker 007

Bunker 006 is a double Marine MG bunker.  It is approximately 3.6m wide and 4.5m long.
Two shooting positions and two entrances behind and above the bunker.  Some steel bars are still in place.


Below: Bunker 007 is probably a small ammunition storage bunker.

Bunker 008 + Bunker 009

Close to bunkers 006  and 007 there are two other bunkers which are on private grounds.  Nearby are the ruins of the first church of Lapscheure.



Below, on private grounds, the ruïns of the initial Lapscheure church.

Bunker 010 + Bunker 011

Bunker 010

A few meters from the border Belgium-Holland there's a small hill, probably a bunker covered with soil.
Not sure about this however.

Bunker 011

Bunker from Fort Sint Donaas belonging to Stützpunkt Dora.
This bunker is on private grounds.

Bunker 012

Crew bunker at Oostkerke, Leopoldkanaal.  Not sure if this bunker is covered by now.

Bunker 013

Crew bunker with cazemat for Mg, anti aircraft or search light.
Behind the bunker there is a machine gun position.



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