V1 'Flying Bomb' Heavy base N°618 Journy

Preliminary Report-Full report later.

Situation on June 21 2004,update July 22 2011(correction name of Tournehem)

Close to the town of Journy in Northern France there's a V1 'Heavy Base' in the forest of Tournehem.
In fact the base is even closer  to the town of Neuville.
This had to be a Heavy Base - type - Ski Site but many buildings have never been build or are completely destroyed.
The most intact remains were the protecting walls were the V1 had to be launched.  I also found the ruins of the A-Magnetic building and some other debris.  In the field, but on private ground, there is something else which I couldn't identify.  The wood is full of very large and deep craters.  No ski-buildings were found in the surrounding area.


Left: In good shape, the protective walls of the launch site.  Right: Me, in front of the protective walls of the launch site.


Left: I measured a magnetic azimuth of around 310 degrees.
Right: The protective wall has certainly received some hits !

Probably the ruins of the Water-Pump station.


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