Koksijde: Wn Coxyde I - R656 Koksijde

March 1 2011
All pictures © 2011 T.Cools
Update march 25, 2012: Pierrot told me that this location is most likely Coxyde I.

During the October 2010 a WWII bunker was discovered during works for a parking place at Koksijde, Belgium.
We had to wait untill March 2011 to see that the roof was already gone and collapsed into the main single room.
However Pierrot was able to identify it as a R656.  Initially we thought it to be a R621.

Panoramic picture.  It is located at the cross section of the Duinbergenstraat and the Koninklijke baan.

Design made by © 2011P.Nowak.


This plan comes from Plan ©Rudi Rolf(www.rudirolf.name).  Originaly the bunker had two Tobruks on its side(6).


Inside (1) Gasschleuse.

March 1 2011, demolition continues.


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