Koksijde-Stp Panther
(also wrongly known as Wn Coxyde II)

Update April 27 2006, August 23, 25 2010 and October 27 2011, January 15, 2012

 This bunker is standing on the 'Hoge Blekker', the highest dune at the Belgian Coast.

This strongpoint had two bunkers:

1 x R612(not a R677!)
1 x 117a

Other artifacts are visible nearby.

During a fieldtrip to this bunker on August 26 2010 while investigating this bunker, it has been revealed to be a R612.
Thanks to 'Pierrot' for his research.

 The R612 August 25 2010.  This bunker does not have his flanking wall.  I don't think it was intended but maybe it wasn't finished yet.

This one doesn't have a flanking wall.
Plan R612 ©Rudi Rolf(www.rudirolf.name)


The presumed R612 half buried in dune sand in 2006.


We made some small excavations for measurements.



Inside there's too much sand, at the end the sand is reaching the roof.


2011: We tried to remove a lot of sand to try and find the bunker number.  It seems that one ammunition room is completely destroyed and the other one is damaged.
So no bunker number could be found.



There's much debris of Atlantikwall trenches and other artifacts nearby.
Left: Probably debris from a 'Inmannslocher'.

Not far away and still making part of Stp Panther we found the still intact R117 !
However we will not give its position away.

Bunker number OST-W 037-58

Here are some pictures:

View of the 'Bereitschaftsraum'.

Plan of the 117a 'Battaillons/Regiments Gefechtstand.  Designed by © 2012 - Pierrot


Bunker number at both entrances.



Some German text and name on the wall.


Corridor between 'Funkraum'(right) and 'Offiziersraum'(left)


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