V1 'Flying Bomb' Heavy base N°59
Le Nieppe

Preliminary Report-Full report later.

Situation on March 30 2006

Don't enter this site without the explicit permission of the owner !
If you ignore this, then you enter at your own risk !

This is one of the few Ski-Type base which has been operational for sure in de Pas De Calais Area.
I only found one ski-building, the launch ramp, the A-magnetic building and two detonator shelters.
Two other, but destroyed bunkers, which I couldn't identify at this moment were also found.

The protective walls of the launch ramp bearing a direction of 320°.(approximately)
I've met a person not far away from this site who was 21 years old in 1944.  He told that the this base was still firing V1's almost to the day of liberation.  After the Germans had abandonned this site a V1 was still sitting at the beginning of the launch ramp.  A few days later the V1 exploded probably due to an act of sabotage.


View on the backside of the launch ramp after liberation.  Pictures kindly provided by P. Taghon.

The owner of this site was kind enough to make a picture of me at the protective walls of the V1 launch site.

Close look at the end of the protective wall.

The ruins af the A-magnetic building.

Inside one of the Ski-buildings.  I only found one.  The others are probably gone.

Stofflager there are two of them, close to each other for Z and T Stoff.  Building for detonators.


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