Battery MKB Lindemann
(Stp Neuss)

(or what's left of it)

This is the place were the Lindeman bunkers were located.  They now have disappeared under water.

Updated June 13 2005, May 4 2010(revamping the site, possible with new pictures from my archive)

Description of the Lindemann Batterie and the surounding defensive area.
Although the three giant bunkers have disappeared under water there is still plenty to see.
I will add more pictures on a regular basis.  There were 3 giant guns installed here: Anton, Bruno and Caesar.
The guns had a calliber of 40.6cm.
Although the large bunkers have disappeared under water, there's still a lot to see.  I will add a selection of the pictures I took from the several surviving artifacts and buildings.

 Air picture of the location of the batterie taken during WWII.
You can clearly see the three bunkers at the left.


Leitstand type S100 now and then, almost the same position, the picture on the right is one of the earlier construction pictures.

The Leitstnand is an extremely dangerous place to enter.  Never go in it alone and be prepared for surprises.
I didn't notice this shaft under water untill the last moment.  So you have been warned !

The lower ground floor of the 'Leitstand', looking the quarters.

The famous but beautifull painting in the Officers room of the Leitstand.

Look here: Found it just in front of the wheels of my car.
Fortunately, I did survive...  ;-)


Leitstand plotting room: above then; under now.


Left: Bunker with protective wall at 'Noires-Mottes'.  Right: Another bunker with shooting scars on the hills of 'Noires Mottes'.


One of the two ammuntion bunkers.  Most Southernly one.  The two different entrances.  Inside there's nothing more to explore.  Everything has been destroyed.

The only piece of remaining anti tank wall at the site of batterie Lindemann.

Other view of the anti tank wall.


Observation and Command post.


Top of the same observation/command post bunker.  It was hit by a bomb as you can see.

Anti Tank emplacement for 5cm gun.

Text on one of the remaining stoneblocks at the old cimetary of Battery Lindemann:

'1941 Erbaut durch die Org. Todt'
'Entwurf u. ausführung Kurz und Müller'

...To be continued...


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