Mariakerke - Stp Boelcke

Updated January 19 2014

Stp Boelcke is a 8.8cm Flak battery South of Ostend, Belgium.  According to the Einsatzkarte 171.J.D. from March 25 1943 it was part of Stp.Gr. Mariakerke.
The Flakbatr. 1/252 moved to Dunquerke in 1943, It was replaced by the Flakbatr. 2/252.  Six flak postions were at the Ostend region.
It was commanded by a L408A(Dienstraum bunker für Abteilungs Gefechtsstand) at the sea port of Ostend.(Stp Ostende Hafen)

No standard AW bunkers were built here but most of them were ständig.

- 6 x8.8cm Flak
- 3x2cm Flak
- 3x1e.M.G. 08/15
- one 200cm search light

Here below some pictures which show some signs of it.


An ex-88m FlaK 18 gun position.

Not sure what this is, but most probably ammunition storage for 8.8cm Flak gun.



A 8.8cm flak gun approximately at the same position.


Almost same position.

Nearby there's the O.L.vr. ter Duinenkerk.  The famous Belgian painter James Ensor is buried here.  The church was severely damaged during WW1.

James Ensor grave, the most famous painter of Ostend.


German WW2 concrete roads.

Almost 70 years after WW2: a container showing signs of WW2 war debris removal of the Flemish goverment.

Just very recent I found this.  Could be a Vf bunker !

Remains of an open Flak 8.8cm emplacement.  This one was discovered by Pierrot and had some media attention.

More about this battery you can find in the newsletter from Frank Phillipart:

Other source: Atlantikwall in Zeeland en Vlaanderen: Hans Sakkers, Hans Houterman.


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