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Updated feb 7 2014, feb 27 2014

2 x R656

During works at the WW1 Albert 1 monument at Niewpoort Belgium, a WW2 bunker has been discovered.
We already knew that two bunkers were located nearby the monument and we knew the exact location.
An extensive search last year didn't reveal something as both bunkers were burried beneath the soil.
Another one also still exists and is located nearby.

The bunker is a R656 or 'Unterstand für 15 Mann'.

The bunker which is very well preserved,  will be integrated in the visitors gallery.

Here are some articles of the discovery.

Keep in mind that the bunker is NOT freely accessible, inside the main room (3 Bereitschaftsraum) there's a central hole which canot be seen because of water,
it's easy to break your leg in it !

Position of the two R656's. The one discovered is near the Albert 1 monument(upper pin)
Right: NGI picture from April 21 1948.  The second bunker is clearly visible.

The 'Albert 1' monument, under re-construction for the WW1 visitors entrance.  At the right side WW2 damage !


R656: (Plan ©Rudi Rolf(

R656 plan drawn by local measurements. ©2014 P.Nowak-T.Cools

You can find another existing R656 at the Halve Maan(Stp Hafen).




3 - Bereitschaftsraum


Left: Periscope position Right: Some inscriptions on the wall.



Yet to be deciphered.

Other entrance, the brick stones are build after WW2.


Tobruk, second entrance and (camouflaged) periscope.


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