K.V.A A3/H.KA.A.R. 1240
W.N. Marder-Oostduinkerke

Preliminary Report-Full report later.

Updated June 13 2005, minor update march 31 2012.
News About The R608

I just received a message telling me that the bunker has been demolished...

In the town of Oostduinkerke at the Belgian coast there are still some Atlantic Wall bunkers to find.
W.N. Marder consisted of a R608, 638 and a 621 bunker.  The R608 is still there but there is a possibility that
this bunker will be demolished some time in the future.
At the moment only the threatened R608 and another bunker has been visited.  The bunker is situated on private ground.  So you have to ask permision to enter.  Don't go in there without permission !
There's an angry dog waiting for you if you don't obey the rules !  Don't say you haven't been warned !

R608 Groundplan.  Most number are from Rudy Rolf.

The R608 played a very important role during the liberation days in Belgium.
This bunker was the primary head quarter of the HKB Westende Plage, HKB Groenendijk Plage and HKB La Panne during the period of 9 to 12 September 2004.  The 3 HKB batteries stood directly under the command of the II./H.K.A.R.124 which was led by Major Heinrich von Gündel.  Because of the hard resistance of the HKB batteries he received the 'Deutsches Kreuz in Gold'.


Left entrance of the bunker showing the 'Eingansverteidigung' and the number of the bunker Ost-W 032-287.
Location outside the bunker near number 2.

Front view of the R608 with Tobruk at the right.

Inside the left 'Engangsverteidigungs' room, also called 'Nahkampfraum', room number 2.

Room number 22, 'Lüfterraum' or ventillationroom.  Looking at room number 1/21.

Room number 35, 'Geschäftsraum' or commando-room.
Looking at room number 34 and number 1(close to right intrance of the bunker)


Room 35 with sight on room number 1(Gasschleuse but the one closest to the Tobruk)
There's a periscope installed in room 35.

Room 34, 'Planraum' looking at room number 20 and 35.

Room number 20 'Funkraum' or radioroom.


Left: from room number 1(the second 'Gasschleuse' closest to the Tobruk and the other side of the radioroom).  The bunker number at the entrance close to Tobruk.  This entrance has been sealed off.  The number differs from the number written at the other entrance.  Correct number is 030-287(7 is barely visible).

Not far away from the R608.


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