Wn Hindenburg-Oudemaarspolder
EX - HKB 3./769

Updated January 21, 2004 and September 11 2006, Janary 16, 2011.
Update made January 18 2011

This place was visited june-august 2003.  Unfortunately, most bunkers can't be entered because they are sealed off.  Other bunkers are on private property.
There are still some other constructions which are not photographed yet but they are very difficult to access and are on private property. Trees are also hiding their existence.

Janary 15 2011: I've got much information from Pierrot about this site.  My friend made a very important discovery:
The so called SK-Commando bunker(below) is in fact a R668 with Wasserbehälter 1700 l.

Situation of the bunkers located at the road near the Oudemaarspolder, Evendijk-West at Zeebrugge Belgium.

Left: This Vf bunker with one room was camouflaged as a house, no standard construction here: Demolished
It was camouflaged as a house.  More pictures here below.



This Vf bunker was camouflaged with a brick motive which is still visible, a similar building is build at the other side on the road but is barely visible.  It is on private grounds.


I found this one hidden behind trees and difficult to reach.
An observation bunker which is located on private property.


After inensive research a discovery has been made by Pierrot, that this bunker is in fact a R668, 'Kleinstunterstand für 6 Mann' with an extra room for Wasserbehälter 1700 l.
Right: Plan from Rudi Rolf showing a R668 but without the Wasserbehälter and Tobruk.  The R668 is the bunker at the right hand side.

Un-modified plan of the R668, without the extra room for Wasserbehälter.

Plan © 2011 Rudi Rolf(www.rudirolf.name)

This Trink-wasser should have been placed in the bunker above.


Welblech bunker which served as a hospital. Demolished

Other welblech bunker with original tiles on the roof: Demolished

Stitched picture of the same bunker.

Location of several bunkers left to the one which is demolished.

Another Welblech bunker at the left.


Two sides of the same welblech.


Two brick Flak constructions for anti aircraft gun.

Somewhat further away near a farm, a the last existing Vf Ammunition bunker in Belgium.
There should have been 3 bunkers build at the Oudemaarspolder, but that is the only one left.

Above: Google Earth map with locations. Clicking the picture will give you a KMZ file for Google Earth.

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