Petite Synthe 1.252 Flak Batterie

June 27, 2004
December 3 2007, General revamping.

This Flak Batterie was made of 6X88FLAK18 emplacements and a 'Kommando-Gerät' wich was mounted on a 'Flakuntergruppenkommandostand'.  I have seen pictures of this Flak Batterie with brick-built houses wich were probably meant for housing and canteen purposes.  At the time I visited the site all these buildings were gone and destroyed.  I only found 3 of the 6 FLAK emplacements and the bunker with the famous painting could not be found.  I visited this battery on April 1 1999.
Nowedays nothing more than the (original) road wich seperates the FLAK-emplacements can be seen.  Everything else has been buried beneath the sand.  There is nothing more to see...
The numbers assigned to the pictures don't mean anything.  Just for inventory reasons assigned.


Flak number 2 entrance.

Flak emplacements number 3(left) and 6(right).

Number 3

Gun emplacement on Flak number 3.

Ammunition storage ?(Flak number 3)


Left: Entrance Flak number 3.  Right: Flak number 3 entrance from the Gun emplacement.

Flak number 6.

Flak number 6 with my friend, and Atlantic Wall expert Robert Toussaint investigating the battery.


Two pictures above: Flak number 6 gun emplacement.

Ammunition storage shelters.

Plan © Bernard Paich and Alain Chazette.

Ground plan of the 'Flakuntergruppenkommandostand'.  I didn't find it.  It's here that the famous painting was situated.  At the time I visited the battery this bunker had already disappeared.


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