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MKB Salzwedel-Neu/Stp Bensberg/Stp Tirpitz

MKB Salzwedel Neu at Raversijde has become operational on September 28 1941.  It was assigned as 6./M.A.A. 204 or the 6th company of the Marine Artillerie Abteilung 204.  The name of this battery changed during fall 1942 into Stützpunkt Bensberg or Stüzpunktgruppe Raversijde.  During january 1943 the name changed again into Stützpunkt Tirpitz.  The other strongpoints like W.N.Bielefeld, Stp Saltzwedel(west) and Stp Bensberg(east) became incorporated into Stp Tirpitz..  The name was commonly used as Stp Tirpitz from March 1943.  The battery Aachen which has been incorporated into Stp Tirpitz was used again in the second world war.  The battery was evacuated during 7 September 1944 after the guns have been disabled.  The firecontrol post at this battery was serving for stphannover.

Arms from March 1 1943 on: 4x12cm K.370(b), From May 1 1944 on: 4x10.5cm S.K. C/32U.
1X7.5cm F.K. 02/26(p), 1x7.62cm F.K.(r), 3x2cm Flak, 2 s.M.G., 9 1e.M.G., 1x8cm and 3x5cm Gr.W, 2x150cm and 1x60 searchlights.

Bunker types: 2x134, 2xR612, 4xR671(from May 4 1944 on)

All pictures are copyright (c) 2005,2006,2007,2008 T. Cools.

'Raversijde 1940-1944' De Atlantikwall Batterij Saltzwedel Neu/Tirpitz: Mariette Jacobs.
Atlanticwall in Zeeland en Vlaanderen Gedurende opbouw en strijd 1942-1944: Hans Sakkers and Hans Houterman.

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Outside the museum


During September 30, 2014, the restored Würzburg Riese rader has been installed at the parking slot of the Raversijde museum.

More info here(in Dutch):


Left: The Vf2a and Right: the WC bunker.  Situation on May 16 1999.

NGI and Google Earth Maps

Several bunkers can be found:

1. Water or Fuel tank ?
2. Vf2a with possible number Ost-W 119
3.WC bunker, only L visible.
4. Z shaped Sk bunker.
5. First of the possible search light emplacements.
6. Second of the possible search light emplacements.
7. Strange Vf bunker.
8. Possible location of another bunker.
9. Vf2a discovered by Peter.

It seems that not all bunkers of position west have been demolished.  Two R671's are gone but we think there might be a lot left under dune sand.
In fact position number 9 is proof of that.  More investigations have to be made.

Fuel or water tank ?(1)

Vf2a bunker(2)

Vf2a outside the museum.(2)


Comparison between 2008 and 1999(right)


The two entrances of the Vf2a.  Left: 2008 and right 1999

First entrance(left picture above)

Other view of the Vf2a, it is not possible anymore to make photographs from that angle.  Situation 1999.


Pierre and Peter investigating the number which is became only partially visible.


Right: exit for rain water ?


Finally the number could be Ost-W 119 instead of Ost-W 109 according to Pierrot.  The number Ost-W109 has already been assigned to another
Vf2a inside the museum(right)

Left: The Vf2a from above and right 'Prins Karel' pad to the WC bunker.

WC bunker(3)


Entrance of the WC bunker.


Inside the WC bunker only an L(eight) can be determined.  No bunker number is visible except part of an O.

Peter making measurements of the WC bunker.


Situation May 1999: Look at the picture at the right side: beneath the bridge there's a storage room..


Situation under the bridge.

Z-shaped Sk bunker(4)


Comparison between 1999 and 2008.


Previous research revealed two octagonal stands.  They are(almost) identical and are located near (5) and (6).
They propably were used for searchlights but further research has to reveal this.  Both pictures above are from 1999.


Number (5) empacement reveals a metal ring probably used as a rail for turning the searchlight or gun.  We don't now what the small storage rooms were used for.  They are rather small to be used for ammunition.


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