V1 'Flying Bomb' Heavy base N°626 Renty, Bois de Renty

This V1 heavy base is located near the town of Renty but is on private ground.  Although most buildings are destroyed there still some interesting remains to observe.

The preliminary construction building beeing used for private purposes.

Compressor building.

Water reservoir.


Location of the launch site with protective walls.  Some bricks are still there.  Easy to recognize.


Firing bunker.


Guardhouse ?  Saw this on some other sides as well.  I'm still not sure what this is.


Beginning and the end of the first ski-building.  The fundaments are still there but the rest has been destroyed.

Second ski building, also destroyed.

Here below are the other buildings and artefacts of the other side of the forest.  They had another pupose but are probably not build for another V1 launch site.


Maybe this has served as a generator building.  It has two rooms(separation wall is gone)
This could have been a stofflager but why would it have been build here ?

Living quarters.

This could have been a radar socket according to my source.

Two pictures above: Destroyed building surrounded with a wall of soil.  Nobody knows what it served for.


Soil borders but nothing inside.

There is also a watertank here but I missed it.  Hopefully on some other occasion.

Situation  May 8, 2005


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