2 Secret R622 Atlantic Wall bunkers

Situation in 2003: how I remember it as it has always been, the bunkers are perfectly camouflaged.
 Below situation 2014, things have changed.

June 11 2005
Updated, March 14 2014

All pictures are Copyright © 2005 T. Cools

Location: Not telling, sorry.  Only this: The bunkers are part of a cemetary, so be respectfull if you are visiting this place.

Bunker Type: 2 x slightly modified R622.

The bunkers were made for the 'Divisions Nachschub Führer 712'.

The plans and numbers are based on the designs of Rudi Rolf.

UPDATE March 14 2014

The bunkers are now part of a cemetary and they are both sealed of.  As time goes by more graves are taking places in...  This means acces to the bunkers is over.
On the other hand, this is a good thing.  I decided to keep these bunkers secret but, on the net the location was given free and grafity was already
finding its way inside the bunkers.

However there are some new things: the bunkers have been largely cleaned from wood and I discoverd that on the first bunker an anex with two rooms was
constructed alongside the bunker.  Although these bunkers are familiar to me since I was a child, I never noticed this anex as it was overgrown all those years.

I also discovered some additional numbers on the entrance of the bunker.  Bunker numbers belonging almost surely to KNO-W.

At the bottom of the page there are some additional pictures.

© 2005 Rudi Rolf(www.rudirolf.name)


Left: Totally overgrown the first R622.
Right: Number 285(I discovered an addition number see bottom page) Number 3 on plan.


Both entrances:
Left: Number 4
Right: Number 6


Left: Number 8.
Right Number 9 with the HES 1.2 air filter is still in place.


Left: Number 10.
Right: Number 11.


The 3 pictures above are showing a German Instrument.
Is this original German WWII equipment as the label shows ?

Ha, this is interesting: An original German sign showing the incomplete 'khana'.

© 2005 Rudi Rolf(www.rudirolf.name)

Plan from the second R622 bunker.


Left: 2005, right 2010.

Number 26 on plan(not shown but the right entrance).


Left: Number 28.
Right: Number 30.

Number 32.

Number 24: another filter still in place.


Left: Number 38
Right: Number 39(Gas Lock)

Number 41.

Camouflage on the second bunker Tobruk is clearly visible.

Some colour saturation and contrast enhancement shows an additional numer:

285  622

Thanks to the research of Pierrot it is almost sure the almost complete number will be:

KNO-W 0..
285  622

The 622 refers to bunker type.

The other bunker most probably has got the number 286.

The second bunker also reveales(after wood has been removed) a brick anex with one corridor and two rooms.
My sources say these are toilets.  It could be used for something else also.




Sealed off.


Left: 2010, Right 2014.


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