V1 Siracourt - Wasserwerk 1 St.-Pol
(Updated August 26, 2003)

This bunker has been build early 1943 as a giant launch shelter and site for V1 flying bombs.
Since its discovery, the site has been bombed by 'Tallboys' which caused a local earthquake.
On one place the bunker was hit and was only slightly damaged.  But the site had to abandonded by
the Germans before one V1 was launched.
Later on the bunker was filled with sand when it was taken by the allies for examinations.
In that way it could not be used again for hostile actions.

Today the bunker can be visited again and you can enter the bunker which is still largely filled with sand.  It is extremely humid and I had to clean my photographic equipement constantly.  Also two tunnels have been dugged out in the sand but I cannot encourage anyone to enter these because they are very dangerous.
The bunker is also used to give shelter to cows, so once you are in there will be no way out if the cows are there unless you are prepared to play games with them !


Left: Drawing of Siracourt Bunker.  The Germans called it Wasserwerk 1 or Wasserwerk St.-Pol.
The V1 ramp can be seen in the front.  There was another railway entrance next to it.

Right: Ground map of the Siracourt bunker.

Side view of the bunker.

Launch entrance in the direction of London.

Almost same picture but after liberation.

The launch entrance but seen from inside.


Left: inside the bunker.  Not quite finished yet...
Right: The Southside inside the bunker.

The two tunnels dug out in the sand.

One of the two tunnels.

The railway entrance at the front of the bunker.  Just one tiny hole...

Launch entrance but direction North.

The most damaged part of the bunker were a 'Tallboy bomb' fell near.

Ventilation shaft.  You can still see the wooden construction shutterings.


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