Stp687e Eisenbahnbatterie Lissewege

Updated November 11, 2004, August 14 2007, January 31 2010
June 22 2014: New updates with improved scans of old negatives.

Most of the pictures are taken early 2002.

All pictures are (c)T.Cools  I won't make any problem if you want to place them elsewhere but just give me a sign in advance.

The battery consisted of 2X20.3cm K.(E) railway guns and different types of Flak and Pak.
There were 134, 610 and four 622 types of bunkers.

The R119 mentionned here could in fact be a R610.

Part of German Plan situating the Stp687E
Plan was made October 10 1943.

Gps Track and Waypoint plan.  I will assign the numbers later.

KSS-Kabelschaltstelle(Type 2). N°1
Inner room is 1.40mx1.50m

May 9, 2004: This bunker has been demolished.


Left: R. Toussaint standing at the entrance.  Door is in front of it.
Right: Door of transmission bunker in relatively good shape.


Left: Inner room, number '120' ?
Right: Door shown at outher side.

Climbing on the Church tower you have a nice view on the bunkers of Stp687e, but some are hidden behind the trees.
Part of the Leitstand, tobruk, 1 AA emplacement en two R622's and some ammuniction storages are visible.

At the top you can see the concrete remnants of the Leitstand.
At the time, spring 2002 a house was build around it.

Gun emplacement close to the Leitstand: Above, new scan.


Tobruk, also close to the Leitstand.

Probably restplace or ammunition depot.

R119 bunker.  This one has been camouflaged intensly.  See also other pictures,
there is still some evidence visible.
The battery was destroyed on September 8 1944 when the Germans were leaving.


Brick motive at this entrance.  At the right of the entrance you can still vagely
see that a window was painted here.  The whole battery must have been camouflaged in a residence area.

Brick motive on one of the exploded blocks.

The observation tower probably stood on the roof of the R119. It is rather unique to find this on a R119.

Other view of the R119 with the obsevation tower next to it.

Two R622 Gruppenunderstand.  One heavy damaged and the other only slightly damaged.
These R622's don't have a tobruk installed on their side.  They are slightly different of the standard R622's.

Other view on the two R622 bunkers.


Left: Left entrance of the first R622 bunker of previous picture.  Still some paint to see.
Right: Inside the most damaged R622 bunker.

Backside of the exploded R622.

R622 closest to the road.  Most damage is made in the bunker.

R622 road bunker entrance.

Road R622 inside.  Corridor to rooms.

R622 road side.  One of the rooms.

Probably the remains of a roof.


Something was build here, but what ?

Another Ammunition storage.


Gun emplacement.

Another open emplacement.


Left: Living area. Partially destroyed.
Right: Garages near living area.  Still in use by farmers.

Exploded R134 bunker.

Gun emplacement close to the exploded R119.

The original 'Eisenbahnartillerie' at Lissewege Stp 687(E).  Further investigation by my friend Pierrot lead to the discovery that there were 4 'Schwenkbahn Bettungen' at Stp  687e.


Left: Animation of a 'Schwenkbahn Bettung'.  Right: one of the four positions at Stp687e.  This is part of an NGI picture taken on april 20 1948.
You can see the similarity. The pictuers below descibe the position of this 'Schwenkbahn Bettung'.

Tobruk partially made of bricks.

Maybe an ammunition or guardhouse place.

Fundaments and remains of the battery.

Two ammunition bunkers with protection wall.

Living Quarters and ammunition bunker on private ground.

Ammuntion bunker ? N°29

Maybe belonging to Stp Lisseweghe, at the other side of th N31.
Now painted in yellow... N°30

3 emplacements for 15cm guns at position 31 and 32, not really belonging to Stp 687e but maybe to Stp Lisseweghe.

Around the emplacements there are some brick ammunition constructions.

I will add more picture of more bunkers at Lissewege soon.  Scattered around in the town there are still some artifacts to see.


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