Pz. Stp. Blaue Schleuse

Updated February 17 2006

Only a R505 and part of an anti tank ditch remains.
The bunker stands on private property.  No free access.

Updated February 28 2011

The situation has changed a lot.  A commercial center has been build around it but the bunker has been nicely preserved.
Unfortunately they are flooding it with water.  If we want to recover the bunker number we have to be quick.

Google Earth location of the R505, clicking the image gives you the KMZ file.

German chart of the the Strongpoint.  The arrow shows the position of the R505.


Remains of the anti tank ditch.Above: The R505 like it used to be untill the end of 2010.  It is now surrounded with a all kinds of commercial end user activities.

R505 by ©2011 Rudi Rolf(www.rudirolf.name)

The R505 is a Casemate for anti-tank gun. It still holds it armoured plate which is quite exeptional.


Now the R505 looks like this.(February 27 2011)



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