Stp Dorade

Battery 4/H.K.A.A.1244

Close to the village of Téteghem in a field road near the D92 you will find two very well preserved R671's.
These two bunkers were camouflaged and build as a house. Some camouflage is still visible as well as the St(ändig) sign.

4 x 8.8cm(7.62cm) Russian M31 Flak guns.
The 72BP3 steel doors are still  in place.

The bunkers are sometimes referred to as the Ferme Lebecque bunkers.
Pictures were taken in 1999.

All pictures © 2014 T.Cools

2 x R671

First R671



Second R761


Steel 72BP3 door still in place.

Welblech second bunker.


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