Leffinge: Stp Hannover

Updated, April 2 2018

Stp Hannover is situated near the town Leffinge close to Middelkerke, Belgium.
This field battery was meant to protect the coastal batteries at Raversijde and was lead by the fire control post from the old WW1 Battery Aachen at Raversijde.
This site is also know as Stp Leffinge.
Typical are the two R611 bunkers which suffered an internal explosion maybe by the retreating Germans or by the Canadians.
 Although the structure of these bunkers is largely intact, much damage has been done.

Pictures from 031208, 031218, 040109, 110121

All pictures are copyright (c) 2005 T. Cools.


NGI chart with the location of the bunkers.  The town near '40' is Leffinge, Belgium.

On January 21 2011, the AWB(Atlantikwall Belgium) revealed the bunker numbers assigned to the R611's.
Untill then, this was unknown.

1. R611 Ost W 08-459
2. Gun Emplacement
3. R611: bunker number Ost W 08-458
4. Vf with 2 entrances and one room.  Furniture in place.
5. Same as 4.
6. Same as 4 but exploded.
7. Vf with 2 entrances and 2 rooms.
8. Vf with 4 entrances and 2 rooms.
9. U-shape emplacement.
10. Same as 4.
11. Head Quarters or living area.
12. Vf but not accessible.
13. Gun Emplacement.
14. Vf with 1 entrance and 1 emergency exit.  Probably WC bunker.
15. Gun emplacement.
16. Vf bunker.

The two R611's, 1 and 3.  Number 3 had some structures build on it, presumably an observation area.


R611.  Number 1.

Interior of R611. Number 1


View on room number 2 Nachkampfraum and at the right  room number 3 Bereitschaftsraum.


Backside of R611 number 1.


The roof of R611 number one.  There are still some structures on it, probably related to an observation area.
On the left picture there are still some silent witnesses of workers who build this bunker.


Left: Gun emplacement number 2.

Same Gune emplacement but view from the roof of bunker number 1.

R611: Number 3 on plan.


Inside the bunker of R611 number 3.
Right Bereitschaftsraum room number 3.

In 2011, we discovered both bunker numbers, almost gone, but it could still be revealed, this one has Ost W 08-458.(the other one 459)


The 'furniture' or radiator still in place in the flooded Vf bunker number 4.

Vf number 5 in front of a R611.


The battery is surrounded with trenches, sometimes intact, sometimes overgrown or filled with mud and sand.

Vf number 7, it has two entrances and 2 rooms.


Headquarters or living area.

Number 12: Vf which is not accessible.


Gun emplacements number 13 and 15.

15, 14 and 13, it has just rained a bit giving it a nice glow and contrast.


This is a Vf bunker I discovered later during another visit.  This Vf bunker seems to be greatly intact but flooded.
Only a small deep hole allows it to enter but it is very dangerous so be carefull.


Close at the area of R611 number 3 there are still some anti glider obstacles(Concrete Rommel Asperges).


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