Stp Stene

Updated November 20 2005

All pictures are copyright (c) T. Cools

Several bunkers can still be found today: 2XR669, 2XR630 but there were many more build here:
1XR134, 1X505, 1XR610, 14XR630, 1XR632, 2XR669 and 2X680

Purpose of this battery which was part of the StpGr Oostende was to defend the harbour of Ostend.

Location of the remaining bunkers at Stene.
Number 1 and 3 are the R630's.
4 is a Vf contruction.
5 is the approximate location of the two R669's.(they are in fact represented by grey dots on this chart)

The two remaining R669's beeing used by farmers.


Front and backside view of the same R669.


Ground plan of a R669 on the right.

One of the several Vf constructions.

First R630.  The walls are 3m thick.


Left: Detail of the armored plate.  There are still slight signs of camouflage.


Right: Ground plan of a R630. (c) Rudi Rolf.


Entrance with fading bunker number.
Right: Text in the 'Bereitschaftsraum 3'.

Bereitschaftsraum 3.

Inside view of the 'Kampfraum 5'.

The same bunker along the road.

The two remaining R630's on one picture with German brick building between them.


The other R630.


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