M.K.B. Schelde

Stp Schiessplatz-Stp Tobruk-Stp Flugplatz

Situation on April 11&22 2005, updated March 1 2008, May 15 2014, October 9 2016, October 16 2016, October 21 2016.

Nothing much is left here: This was the place were 4xS412 type of bunkeres were build.  These were the same type as the 'Grösser Kurfurst' bunkers near Cap Griz Nez in France.  They were never installed with guns as the Germans didn't have the time to make them operational.  These bunkers and others have all disappeared but some remnants are left over.  The battery is locate near 't Zwin, a nature reservate.
The nature reservate isn't freely accessible but can be visited by paying a entrance fee.
Some bunkers shown in this place are WW1 Holland Stellung.

Google Earth Overlay with the location of of the S.412 and other bunkers.  Click on this image and use it as a 'kmz' file directly in Google Earth.

The 4xS.412 bunkers should have been equiped with 4X28cm S.K.C/34 guns but this never happened due to the liberation
of this area in sepbember 1944.

Bunkers MKB Schelde

Stp Flugplatz: 1 x R612 which is still there.

Stp Schiessplatz: 1 x R607, 1 x 621, 2 x 631

Stp Tobruk: 4 x S412, 4 x S448a, 1 x R607, 2 x R621, 2 x 622, 3 x R656, 1 x R667

The following bunkers could have been planned but not build:  S446, 4xS.448a, R657, R658, R611, 3xR622, R638, 4xR656

The concrete roads which have recentely disappeared.

Some remains.


Left: Tobruk.
Right: some bunker remains near the statue.


Other views of the Tobruk.

Gun emplacement.

Some concrete tracks close to the gun emplacement.

Some ruins of trenches and MG stand near ZWN 8.

An antenna in the dunes.

Stp Flugplatz

This part was equiped with a R612(still exists), 6xVf2a, 2xFf2a(S) and 2xVf7a.  I believe there is at least one Vf2a left in the dunes.
Stp Flugplatz is situated north of the M.K.B Schelde or Stp Tobruk battery.


Partially covered by dunesand, the complete bunker, a R612, which is still visible and belonging to Stp Flugplatz.


Some direct hits on this one.  Drawing of a R612 by (c)Rudi Rolf (www.rudirolf.name)

Changing situation May 2014/October 2016

Situation is changing, the bunker is now on the domain of the 'Zwin nature reservate'.
Keep ouside the fence, there are some warning signs !



This bunker has an 'enlarged' ammunition storrage room(4).

Plan Belgian Army, look at the enlarged ammunition room !


The bunker is full of sand.

Situation October 21 2016.

Original fence ?


Just at the border with The Netherlands and also the border of 't Zwin a 7.5cm emplacement for a gun.



Comparison picture, now and then.
Emplacement for 7.5cm fieldgun.  Here's the border between Belgium-Holland.  The other side is Cadzand.

September 2016: Last view on the 7.5cm gun position.  Meanwhile it has been tipped over and destroyed...  This was the position of Stp Flugplatz.
During the enlargement of the 'Zwin' estuarium some more discoveries have been made.  All is gone now but here are some pictures.

Before and after...(Thanks to E.Lambrecht for using the picture at the right hand side of the panoramic photo).

One of tree concrete platform I found.  These are probably the fundations of a MG post.

A brick construction, purpose unknown.

These are the same 'Einmanslocher' which can be found elsewhere.

Thanks to Pierrot and the A.W.B., we could identify it as a vf3a.
You can find another one at Wn Waldersee Oostduinkerke with the difference that this has a protective corners.

Identified by Pierrot and the A.W.B. as a Vf2a.
Meanwhile all these constructions are gone.

Above and below: these are the remaining foundations of a Vf2a Sanität.
(probably already gone when time of writing this article)

Be carefull here, this place is full of quicksand !

Traces of old defence structures close to the gun emplacement position.


Some remains of brick trenches and MG stands near Stp Flugplatz.(ZWN 8)

At a position near Stp Schiessplatz you can find these trenches.


Remains at Stp Tobruk.

Same location as above.

Don't know what this was.

One of the four places where the S412 were located.

Bunker which was part of the Hollandstellung during WWI but maybe also used during WWII.



Inside the bunker there are some fading drawings.  I've made some color enhanced pictures of it.
Some text and what appears to be a Spanish soldier from around 1500.


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