Batterie Todt
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 (composite, situation August 18 2010 Turm 1 - the last 20 years it went into a metamorphoses)

Updated April 16, 2006, 19 august 2010

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Turm 1, the Todt Museum in Audinghen.
Picture taken on July 7, 2003
The roof has changed a bit, look at the next picture below.

The museum is an excellent place to visit.  Not as flashy as many other museums but here you can still sense the
atmosphere how it must have been, living here in a bunker of the Atlantic Wall.

One remark however; the Batterie Todt letters which are now on Turm 1 have never been there during WWII.  Turm one was painted and camouflaged as a house.  The 'Batterie Todt' letters which you can see on many pictures during WWII were
actually mounted on Turm 3 which exploded during an accident after WWII

The former Siegried battery was renamed into Todt battery when Fritz Todt died in an Junkers 52 crash on 8 February 1942.  His name was put on 'Turm 3' which has been destroyed during an accident at the end of 1944.
The battery made part of the 242 MAA in can be found at the small town Haringzelle near Audinghen. The battery consisted of 4X38cm SK C/34 Krupp guns.  They could fire up to 55km.  Commands with firing instructions came from 'Cran aux Oeufs'.  Between 17 and 19 September 1944 a raid of firings of English guns began to start.  The battery was attacked by the Canadian army on 23 September 1944 and on 29 September the battery surrendered.

Maquette of Battery Todt emplacements.  It can be found in the museum.
From left to right there's Turm 1, 2, 3 and 4.
It is a very accurate representation of the Todt battery.


Also to be found in the museum are these nice maquettes giving you an idea about the Todt bunkers during WWII.
Right: Turm 1 23 June 1974.  There is still a gun barrel close to the main gun emplacement.  (c) Robert Toussaint.

Back of Turm 1, July 1993.

Right: Front view of Turm one with restored Todt front.
Left: Front of Turm 1 with K5 railoway gun on background.

Inscriptions in Turm 1 ground floor.


Left: Turm 1, lower ground floor position at stairs with sight on dining room.
Right: Turm 1, lower ground floor.  Room which leads to store and ventillation room.


Left: Turm 1 ground floor elevator.
Right: Turm 1 ground floor with view on cartridge room.

The original Todt buste donated by the daughters of Fritz Todt.(donated in 1998, see text)

K5 railway gun at Turm 1.(photo Robert Toussaint)

Other view on K5 railway gun near Turm 1.

Turm 2 largely obscured by trees on 15 march 1998, front view.

Other front view of Turm 2.

R. Toussaint standing near the entrance of Turm 2.

Entrance of Turm 2 with shooting table and dangerous elevator shaft.
Not accessible anymore.


Trum 2, then and now.

Shooting table of Turm 2.

R. Toussaint standing at the gun emplacement of Turm 2.

Gun emplacement position of Turm 2(photo R. Toussaint).


Left: Bunker near Turm 2(R. Toussaint).
Right: Destroyed interiour of previous bunker(R. Toussaint).

Close to Turm 2.  Not a horse drinking area or fountain but a concrete exercise instrument for loading of the gun.
Thanks to the correspondent for resolving this mystery.

SK bunker near Turm 2.  It has two entries and 5 rooms including a toilet room and showers.


The exploded remains of Turm 3.

Outside panoramic picture taken on August 18, 2010

Turm 3 exploded in August 1945.  Three workers were killed.  Although the backside of the cazemat was totally destroyed the 'Scharte' seems relatively intact.
Later on destruction was even more effective recuperating the iron Todt front and the gun.

Inside panoramic picture.

Turm 4 back view.


Turm 4, close to entrance.  Right WWII picture of the same area.


Swastika fresco inside the entrance of turm 4.(now completely destroyed)

Most of the paintings are authentic.  Some of them have been painted later on for a WWII documentary.

Text at stairs to lower ground floor Turm 4.(completely destroyed now)

Lower ground floor at stairs.  At the right you see the Billet room for 2X9 men.
Comparison Pictures at the left, Turm 4 and at the right Turm 1.  At the end you have the room and passage which lead
to  the store and ventillation room.

Lower ground floor Turm 4, looking at room which leads to store and ventillation room.
This area is completely sealed of by now.


Left: Blowup of previous picture showing the room which leads to store and ventillation room.
Right: Lower ground floor Turm 4.  Entrance of canteen and rest room.

Ground floor Turm 4.  Shell room with paintings which are now mostly destroyed by vandals.

Winston Churchill painting in shell room of Turm 4.  Still preserved, but for how long ?

Comparison pictures of WC painting in shell room Turm 4.  Needs no comment...

Inscriptions in shell room Turm 4, now also destroyed by graffity vandals.


Left: Shell room turm 4.
Right: Same as previous picture.  Me(in front) with a friend(photo Robert Toussaint).

Painting in shell room Turm 4.(now completely destroyed)

Cartridge room Turm 4.

Detail of painting in Turm 4, cartridge room.  Again a WC painting.

Ground floor: Entrance in direction of stairs.  Location at railway near Gun.
Unfortunately Turm 4: Again some destruction with graffity.

Position at railway with view on shell and cartridge room Turm 4.  Picture taken in 1997.
Again , now completely painted over with graffity...


Left: Robert Toussaint standing on railway Turm 4.
Right: Gun position Turm 4.


Left: Camouflage in Turm 4 at gun position.  Right: Another view of gun position Turm 4.


Left: Me and a friend at gun position Turm 4(photo R. Toussaint). Right: Situation in 2010


Robert Toussaint at entrance of 'Metro' type shelter.
Inside 'Metro' type shelter of Turm 4.

Bunker number of Turm 3.

Side view of Turm 4.


Front view of Turm 4.
R. Toussaint walking in front of Turm 4.


Another front view of turm 4.
Right, situation after excavation of the surrounding area.

Wall displaying '1910 40' Johann Felden Dusseldorf  Authentic ?

Unfortunately the 'drama' of Turm 4 continues to happen.  Once the most interesting Todt bunker is now a paradise for Graffity painters.  Every original WWII painting is now completely destroyed beyond reapair and there is nothing more to tell and to show to people who are interested in WWII history.  This bunker should have been protected in some way but now it is all too late...  I hope the french people will react and preserve there WWII historic remains in a way people won't forget what happended in their country in those terrible years of WWII.  I hope they will think about that especially in the Cap Griz Nez and Cap Blanc Nez area.  Once gone=Forever gone.


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