V1 N°110 Bamières

Updated February 13 2019
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Ersatz Stellungen/ErS
(Changed 170818 )

Private grounds: be polite and ask permission at the nearby farm if you want to visit this V1 site.

Date: 170814
Location: At Hameau de Bamières, some 6km NW of Hesdin.
Date: WW2.
Name: V1-110

Description: V1 Ersatz Stellung or reserve site close to a farm.

Only 2 waterpits, part of a concrete road, a small waiting platform but also a launch control bunker and launch ramp supporting blocks could be found.     According to this website: http://www.419squadron.com/Rokeby.html a bombing raid must have taken place at the end of june 1944.  In any case it was known in Operation Crossbow/Noball XI/A/147-Z3179.   Evidence could be found at the Google Earth application which clearly shows signs of bomb craters in a field nearby.  According to 'Les sites V1 en Picardie, p197: several bombing raids have taken place, causing damage to the launch ramp and the site on June 20, June 23 and June 24/25 1944.  If the first 10 bases which were operational in the night of June 12/13 1944, this site could be a candidate because it is extremely close to the Auxi-le-Château-Montreuil allignment.(p171 Arme du désespoir, Yannick Delefosse).  Other sources are refering to the Site n°97 la Loge Est but this is quite far from the allignment(Les Sites V1 en Picardie, Laurent Bailleul, p162) Another candidate is site n°109, Mouriez, Bois de la Haie Renault which is close to this site.  The concrete road leads to a big farm which could hide some other artifacts, but this could not be investigated.  The a-magnetic platform could not be found either but probably is still somewhere beneath the cow field.

Sources: Les sites V1 en Picardie, Laurent Bailleul; V1 Arme du désespoir Yannick Delfosse;
Flying Bomb Launching Sites Robert G. Dancy and some internet links.

All GPS coördinates measured on site, unless something else is used.

IGN map with the location of the site.

16: Wasser: Small rectangular pit made up of brick stones for water.

18: Umzetzanlage: Small platform, entrance for V1.

19: Wasser.

20: Abschussrampe.

GE: Kommandostand or fire control bunker.


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