V1 N°617 Cocove

Updated June 19 2016
All pictures ©2016 Buran

This V1 launch site 'Alter Bauart'  or 'Ski Site' was probably completed for 75%.
It is situated at Recques sur Hem, bois de Cocove.
Several bombing raids destroyed many buildings but some may have been repaired or rebuild.
Nevertheless: it never got its operational status.

Remark: The site is not freely accessible: you must ask permission to visit.

Today only some artifacts are visible:

- Pump station
- Un-finished personnel shelter
- Small water pit(I presume)
-Temporary storage

Castle at Cocove Forest.


Pump Station

Maybe a small water pit, something I've never seen somewhere else.

Probably an unfinished personnel shelter.  This is however rather close to what I presume is, the launch area.
We couldn't find any signs of the firing bunker and launch platform.

Temporary Storage building.  The other side has some large bomb damage and collapsed.

Sources: Les Sites V1 en Flandres et en Artois: Laurent Bailleul.


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