V1-620 Zudausques-Noircarme

This V1 site is situated at Zudausques at the hamlet of Noircarme.
All buildings are situated on private grounds so you must ask permision to visit them.

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Google Earth location map.  Double clicking will give you the KMZ file.
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This site has been bombed quite a few times:
December 31 1943, March 20 1944, March 21 1944, April 25, 1944, May 13 1944, June 19, 1944.
The last attack was on June 21 1944.
(more reading 'Les Sites V1 en Flandres et en Artois' from Laurent Bailleul)

We didn't find any trace of the ski shaped buildings, the open water tank, the firing control bunker, the detonater storage and personel shelter.  Most likely some of this buildings still remain.

It is almost certain that this site has never been operational.


The Preliminary assembly(C) and Dampferzeuger building(D) are build of brick stones and are standing alongside each other connected with a post war farm construction.

The ruins of B: Temporary storage.

Concrete road leading to the launch ramp.

F: Pump station.  The roof is gone.

E: Stofflager


D: Dampferzeuger Building.

Sabotage of the workmen ?: very poor quality of the construction.


The a-magnetic building, completely in brick stones.


The launch ramp, completely destroyed.  The supporting blocks can be found around.


Situation on August 18 2010


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