V1-643 La Loge Ouest
Stellung Alter Bauart/SaB

(Situation 170214, update 170222)

This V1 site is situated South of the village 'La Loge' in the forest d'Hesdin.
It is not to be confused with the other 'Operational' V1-97 site which is a few hundred metres east of the forest.

Many artifacts on this 'Heavy' V1 site are destroyed.  Bombing raids have been very accurate but no trace of records
have been found.  Almost sure that records of bombing raids on the nearby V1-97 site were in fact meant for this V1 site.

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9. Montagehalle.

10. Machinenhaus

11.Wasserbehälter.  Almost invisible.








19.Unterstand.(probably the place were one was meant to be constructed)

Sources: Les sites V1 en Flandres et en Artois, Laurent Bailleul; V1 Arme du Désespoir Yannick Delfosse;
Flying Bomb Launching Sites robert G.Dancy.


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