V1 N°66 Pihem Les Bientques

Updated August 20 2013

The V1 N°66 Pihem Les Bientques is situated on the territory of Pihem.
Driving through this little place you will find almost nothing.  Along the main road you will notice some sort of concrete parking place
near two new build houses.  Make no mistake this is the heavy damaged a-magnetic platform.  Some 100m further you will find the 'Dampferzeuger' building.
It seems these are the only artifacts left over.  Due to several air raids this site has never been operational although it was almost finished and ready to launch V1's.


A-magnetic platform: we only found it after we used it as a parking platform !


Totally overgrown, same road as a-magnetic platform.


Here's an interesting article concerning the air raids:



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