V1 N°615 Eperlecques

Preliminary Report-Full report later.

Situation on May 16 2005.

Difficult to find as almost everything is hidden in the forest of Eperlecques.  Only from a small sandy road behind the forest you can see the launch ramp.  My visit to this site isn't complete yet as most buildings which survived the heavy bombing are located on private property.  I will return when when I have proper permission to visit the remaining buildings.


Living quarters with five rooms.  There are probably more on this V1 site.

The launch ramp in very good condition.


The backside of the launch ramp.  I don't know if the firing building still exists but if it does it was totally inaccessible due to the growth of vegetation.

Stairs, maybe used for attaching camouflage nets.


Identified as the preliminary construction building.  Damaged by bombs.  There are some big craters nearby.

Small building.  I don't know its purpose.

Here it stops.  An incomplete report.
I hope to get permission from the owners to see the other remaining buildings.


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