V1 Houthulst

Situation on March 27 2006.

Although the existance of a V1 base in the forrest 'Vrijbos' is very well known, it is only recent that proof has been found.  The launch plate has been recovered and cleaned up and is in perfect condition.  Many bomb craters are still there.  During my visist I met Gilbert Decleir who was 16 years old when the Germans were trying to install this V1 base. At that time he was a witness of the whole construction fase and told me he had very much compassion whith the Russian slave workers who were constructing the launch base.  This V1 base never became operational as the allies were already liberating part of the Belgian coast in september 1944.


Left: The recently discovered launch plate.  Right: Gilbert Decleir along the V1 launch plate who was witness of the construction fase.


Left: The forrest with many bomb crater remainings.  Right brick remains close to the Houthulst WWI cimetary.


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