V1 'Flying Bomb' Heavy base N°122
Lisbourg-Le Groseillier

Updated August 29 2006

Trying to find the Beaumetz-Lès-Aire V1 site we stumbled on this site which is known as the V1 Heavy Base of
Le Groseillier and sometimes referred to as the Lisbourg V1 site.  The site has never been completed and we didn't find traces of
ski buildings although one foundation was know to be finished.  We found the roof of the 'firing bunker', the fundation and some bricks of the launch location, The water tank bunker with a water basin(there are maybe two of them), the 'Richthaus' fundation, an air raid shelter and the workshop for 'Dampferzeuger'.  Obviously, it seems that this base has been abandonned before beeing used.

Preliminary construction building.


Compressor(Dampferzeuger) building.

Airraid shelter building.  There could be a second one in the vicinity.


Launch site area: Left the firing bunker and right the launch pad with the protective walls mostly missing.  Things seems to be messed up here.  The roof of the firing bunker must have been blown away a few tenths of meters caused by a exploding bomb in the neighbourhood.

The fundation of the 'Richthaus'.  I have no idea if it has ever been completed but I think only the fundation has been build.
A bomb has destroyed most part of it.


The pump station with its two water tanks.

To the right there's a water basin.  The 'Richthaus' is were those peaple are walking close to the horizon.


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