V1 Proven, Belgium

Updated March 19, 2006
Updated June 13, 2007

The V1 'flying bomb' base of Proven has never been operational.  But some of the remains are preserved and interesting.
It is, along with the site of Torhout the best preserved V1 launch base in Belgium.
There is a concrete road, A-magnetic platform, Launch plate and one double supporting block to be seen.


The forrest were the V1 base is located. The road on the right picture is curved.

The concrete road leading to the A-magnetic platform and launch plate.


The only A-magnetic platform which has been preserved in Belgium.


The launch plate in both directions.  It was pointing at a direction of 268 degrees, in the direction of London.

And the first supporting double launch block.  I didn't find any other.


New situation on June 13 2007.  Everything has been cleaned up and a wooden fence has been constructed around the a-magnetic platform and the launch area.


Note the V1 attachment point on the a-magnetic platform.


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