Veurne Belgian WW1 bunkers

  Two WWI bunkers are situated at a orchard along the N35.
During WWI there was a railway close by from De Panne to Diksmuide.  Several ammunition depots were situated here.

The two bunkers at Veurne are treatened to be demolished in the near future.  Industrial expansion is cause of it.

Here is the latest news(in Dutch):

No good news show, the second bunker has not been protected !  The orchard will disappear and heavy traffic with industry will take place.  One bunker will be classified and disappear between ugly transportation and industry buildings.  What a lost case for Veurne !

Updated November 2 2011, January 19 2012

NGI map with the location of the two bunkers.

First bunker: it only has one room.


Entrance to the bunker.


The second bunker has two chambers.


Inside the first room.


Above and below: entrance and second room.


Left: The second bunker does have some combat experience.  Right: transmision holes.


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