• Stp Batterie Waldam or M1 Batterie



    Updated January 13 2004

    More pictures will be added on a regular basis.
    All pictures are copyright (c) T. Cools

    M270 East

    M270 bunker with a 15cm SK C/28 emplacement in front.
    This is the West M270 bunker.

    Canteen area with machine bunker on the right side.

    Machine bunker near Canteen area.

    A very rare example of a turnable dome-shaped bunker.
    It was disabled by the Canadiens when it was hit by a shell.

     Other view on the Waldam battery.

    Observation post with Vf bunker in front of it.

    Interesting text in an otherwhise very fitlhy bunker.

    Colour enhanced picture of Soldier in Obs. bunker.  Almost invisible now.


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