Army Coastal Battery HKB 3./826
(ex Camping Cosmos)

Next to the Stp Seydlitz strongpoint is the Army Coastal Battery HKB 3./826
on the grounds of the well known ex Camping Cosmos.

The entrance of the Camping.


When I visited this site again on February 27, 2011, to my surprise,something happened to the Leitstand.  It was tilting very badly,
and the concrete structure behind the Leitstand has detached.
65 years and nothing happened, but now...
During renovation works(again...) in a few months time something has gone wrong.  During another pass workers were driving with there heavy material on the gun emplacements.
I have a bad feeling but something tells me that things have to be destroyed.

Such a shame !

Inside the Observation bunker.




One of the gun emplacements.


The only tekst found in the watertank bunker.

The second gun emplacement.


A desolate landscape...


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