Wevelgem: Dummy Airfield Bunker

Updated October 11 2006, August 27 2008

Not far away from the center of Wevelgem, near Kortrijk, there's a bunker which sole purpose was to distract bomber planes which were heading in the direction of the real Wevelgem airfield which was beeing used by the Germans during WWII.  Some sources say that this bunker already existed before WWII but I yet have to see confirmation of it.

The bunker was camouflaged as a farm house with a fake roof on it.  Wooden airplanes were installed nearby to distract Allied bombers from the real airfield at Wevelgem.
An AA gun and searchlight were installed beneath te fake roof.  Besides that a watertank was installed on the roof, it is still visible.

NGI chart with the location of the Dummy airfield with bunker.



Camouflage  is still visible around the shooting holes(sharte).


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