Oostkerke, Wn Ludendorf

Updated 2003, May 27 2014

Wn Ludendorf is a small 'Wiederstandsnest'  situated at the crosspoint of the N376 between Lissewege and Westkappele at the double channel Leopold and Schipdonk.
It is located on the territory of 'Oostkerke'.
This Wn point has 3 modified 58cTobruks and one R621 with thin 1m walls.
A small brick construction has also been found.

This site could be in danger due to the possible widening of the canals.
May 27 2014: Construction works of the A11 between Bruges and Westkapelle have begun.  The bridge will look a lot different in the future.
I don't know the faith of this WW2 resistance nest.

Wn Ludendorf

1xR621: number 4
3xBauform 58C Tobruk number 5 and 7 there is one which is unnumbered on the dycke between the two channels.
1xGenerator emplacement

Google Earth map of the Wn Ludendorf location.  It is situated not far from the Belgiam Sea Port 'Zeebrugge'.
The N376 is a very busy road and also dangerous.

Ngi chart of the location.


Front and backside of the R621, a 'Gruppenunterstand'  in 2003.

Backside in 2006.  Today it has totally overgrown.  Will this bunker survive the construction of the A11 ?


Left entrance.




First Tobruk, a modified Beauform 58c, they are all the same but on build in mirror.


In winter time, you can get a better view of the Tobruk.

Brick constuction next to the Vf.


Tobruk between the channels.


Above and below: new pictures: May 27 2014 from the Tobruk between the two canals.  A middle road is hardened probably for building the new express road.


Tobruk at the other side.


Probably a generator basement.


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